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Rebirth of the Queen of Arts _ Pai Pai Novels _ Pai Pai NovelsRebirth of the Queen of Arts _ Pai Pai Novels _ Pai Pai Novels

The reason why I chose to practice ballet was not because I liked it, but because I could have some so-called temperament on my body. As a result, I was accepted as an apprentice by Mr. Jin Ruian to teach me privately. She always emphasized that I was talented and the most potential dancer she had ever seen, but she never let me participate in any competitions, or even opposed my participation. Although I was surprised, I was not interested in medals and so on, so I did what she said. Today is a little different from usual. In the past, Jin Ruian left directly after teaching my dance and let me practice the basic movements alone, but today she didn't. Yan Xi. Jin Rui'en came to me. Her posture was very elegant because she had been practicing ballet for a long time. She just walked around casually, which was amazing. "Have you taught Yanxi for three years?" Jin Ruian stretched out his white and slender hand to clip a few mischievous hairs behind his head from time to time, and said with a smile, "Yan Xi, you are the most talented dancer the teacher has ever seen, whether it is ballet or other, as long as you dance in Yan Xi, there will be a kind of exciting magic in it, the teacher sometimes watches Yan Xi dance." You can't help but want to dance with Yanxi, so the teacher always believes that Yanxi will be the most successful dancer that everyone admires. In her slightly narrowed amber eyes,Pietra Gray Marble, there was a strange brilliance, which made me palpitate. "But the teacher doesn't want you to be a simple dancer in the future." “...... Teacher ?” I want to ask. The teacher hopes that Yanxi can stand at the peak of women all over the world and become a goddess worshipped by people all over the world! Jin Ruian interrupted me and continued, "Yanxi, that's the direction you should work for, that's the dream you should have.". And that was once the teacher's dream. Jin Ruian closed his eyes, facing the warm sunshine,Agate Slabs Countertops, and raised his thin white neck proudly, as if unwilling to yield to anyone, with some childish humanity. After three years of getting along with each other, I know that Jin Ruian is a woman with a simple heart but unwilling to be close to anyone and a strong sense of self-defense, but she is a very determined person to live according to her own wishes, otherwise, she has won numerous gold medals in the Varna, Moscow and Paris International Ballet Competitions. How can you come to this college to be an ordinary ballet teacher. In my previous life, I gave up everything for the Luohe River, and finally ended up in a miserable end. Perhaps, this is a chance given to me by God, a chance for me to change myself. Standing on the highest peak of all women's dreams is indeed a dream that makes all women crazy. It turns out that the teacher's dream is this. I smiled and said, "Then, Agate Stone Price ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Yanxi will regard the teacher's dream as Yanxi's own dream and work hard." "Yanxi." Jin Ruian's amber eyes sparkled with beautiful light. "The teacher's dream is not to stand on the peak, but to cultivate a perfect goddess. That's the teacher's dream. The teacher always thought that this dream would not come true, but when the teacher saw the first sight of Yanxi, the teacher knew that the teacher's dream would come true." "The first time I saw Yanxi, the teacher was really surprised. At that time, Yanxi was only seven years old, but it made the teacher feel amazing. It was really beautiful. It was not the kind of beauty that made public, but the kind of indifferent and quiet beauty. When I looked at Yanxi, the teacher thought I was enjoying a painting, a Chinese ink painting, a light and faint." However, people have been missing the aftertaste in their minds, unable to forget. From that moment on, the teacher decided that Yanxi you must be taught by the teacher alone, because from then on, Yanxi you became the teacher's dream. Jin Rui En said, eyes full of firm, "The teacher has been waiting for you to grow up in Yanxi. Over the past few years, Yanxi's performance has made the teacher feel more and more surprised. Under the guidance of ballet, Yanxi has a kind of elegant temperament. Even if you don't put on any gorgeous clothes for Yanxi, Yanxi is already a proud princess.". So the teacher decided to give Yanxi your choice today (Yanxi: Do you have a choice?) Fortunately, Yanxi did not fail to live up to the teacher's expectations. Jin Ruien finished, smiled and narrowed his eyes into a line, shamelessly lovely. In fact, it should be Yanxi to thank the teacher, Yanxi is just a very ordinary child, but the teacher you have been very careful to teach Yanxi, and even worry about the future of Yanxi, Yanxi is sorry to bring you so much trouble. I said and bowed to Jin Ruian. In fact, I was not used to it at the beginning. Korean people pay great attention to etiquette. If some details are neglected carelessly, it will be regarded as disrespect for each other. So it was really troublesome at the beginning, but now it's good to get used to it after a long time. Jin Rui'en shook his hand and said, "Now that you have said it, don't be so polite to Yanxi. Just call me Rui'en directly. Teacher, I feel very old.". In fact, the reason why I don't want to be close to others is that I'm afraid of trouble. You know, Korean people are too troublesome. Like when I used to live in San Francisco, I was so comfortable that I didn't need so much etiquette at all. I didn't have to care about other people's eyes. I could do whatever I wanted. Jin Ruian's Frank words made me laugh. If the men who were waiting for her heard that she was unwilling to associate with them for this reason, they would be excited to hit the wall. By the way, Yanxi,white marble slabs, you'd better discuss it with your family today. I want to take you to EAMI Company (Rabbit Mother: the company in Star Volunteer 2) tomorrow. So soon? I can't react. Hurry up? I think it's too slow! The S M company had already selected an 11-year-old girl last year and was going to train her to be a big star representing Asia! Are you kidding? What am I going to do if they succeed in training? What about my dream? Jin Ruian gnashed her teeth when she talked about it. If the girl was in front of her, she would probably kill her. I smiled and comforted, "Isn't Ryan's dream to stand on the top of the world?"? Their target is much smaller than Ryan's. 。