Manual for the cultivation of the first assistant

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Manual for the cultivation of the first assistantManual for the cultivation of the first assistantManual for the cultivation of the first assistant

Old Mrs. Luo did not expect Lin Hairu to have the same thoughts as Aunt Qiao. Seeing that it was dark outside the door, she asked the girls to light the lamp and leave Lin Hairu for dinner. Although Yining only lived for 17 years as a human being in her previous life, she lived for more than 20 years as a jade hairpin, and the women in the back house fought too much. It is common for the east wind to prevail over the west wind and for the west wind to prevail over the east wind. Anyway, they are bored, and they bicker all day to comfort themselves. But the most important thing is that Aunt Qiao is pleading for Luo Shenyuan. Aunt Qiao has a son and a daughter, and she is very scheming. But he is always praised for his kindness, but Lin Hairu's image is not very good. Auntie Qiao's small favors are all good ways to buy people's hearts, but it's all right for others. If his third brother is grateful for Auntie Qiao's kindness, what can he do. Now is good, small Yining together with the people around, it is estimated that are disgusted with Luo Shenyuan. Aunt Qiao is coming to save the future first assistant. Chapter III In early summer, when the weather was not hot, little Yining was served by Xuezhi to wash his feet, while Mrs. Luo chanted sutras beside him. A maid came in with a veil, and Yining recognized it as her other big maid, Songzhi. The girls wiped Yining's feet, and she looked at Mrs. Luo's room. The ground was covered with a blanket of five bats offering longevity, and a blue and white glazed plum vase was placed on the golden nanmu high table, with a few crabapple flowers inserted obliquely. The main hall is separated by a sandalwood screen made of white jade and emerald,ultrasonic dispersion machine, on which a statue of Bodhisattva is enshrined. The things in the old lady's room are very valuable. Just say that a Bodhisattva, a whole piece of white jade with warm color and no flaws, is one foot high, which is of great value. She turned her head and called out to her grandmother. Mrs. Luo looked up and asked her, "What's the matter?" She raised her little white feet and said, "I've washed them and I'm going to sleep." She added, "I want to sleep with my grandmother, okay?" Mrs. Luo thought she was cute and came to hug her with a smile. Of course,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Mama Xu, put another quilt on my bed. Yining naturally wanted to intercede for Luo Shenyuan, but this was much worse than the style of little Yining in the past, and it must be suspected. After thinking about it, she asked Mrs. Luo tactfully, "Grandmother, the third elder brother was punished to kneel. Do you want to kneel at night?" Old Mrs. Luo said, "I don't kneel down at night. I go there every morning." There is still time to go to work for the emotional penalty of kneeling. Yining went on to say, "Aunt Qiao said he had a high fever." Why don't we get a doctor to see him? Xuezhi giggled and said, "My sister usually doesn't like Third Young Master. Why does she speak for him now?" Yining knew that little Yining was not very good to Luo Shenyuan. She also found an excuse and said grandly, "If he falls ill, he can't continue to kneel down." Old Mrs. Luo laughed and scraped her nose. "You little thing, you have a lot on your mind.". Don't worry. How could your aunt Qiao not find a doctor for him? I saw that she sent someone to invite him in the afternoon, and I didn't ask anyone to stop her. I should have acquiesced in her doing it. Punishment to punishment, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Luo old lady will not really let Luo Shenyuan have life worries. Yining was not very happy to hear that Aunt Qiao's hands and feet were too fast. Xuezhi went on to say, "You see, on weekdays, the third young master has saved money for a long time to buy the only copy. You want to play with the origami cranes and ask the maidservant to give the third young master a few.". The maidservant was sent to the third young master at that time, and his face was blue. Last time, you insisted on eating jujubes and asked the third young master to pick them for you. How can you climb such a tall tree? The third young master finally picked it, and you threw it away on the spot, saying you didn't want to eat it.. Yining heard the cold sweat, the little girl's daily life is too dead, if she can really grow up successfully, is absolutely the ancestral grave smoke. Old Mrs. Luo listened and pulled her little face: "Listen, you are so spoiled on weekdays." Old Mrs. Luo's tone was completely indulgent and indulgent, and she did not blame her granddaughter at all. But this is not coddling, this is death. Yining could only nod and grab the bedding and climb onto the bed. The old lady told the girl to blow the light and go to sleep. Lin Hairu came back from Mrs. Luo, but he couldn't sleep at all. Hand is wringing sweat towel almost gnash one's teeth: "Master came back to go to that small hoof there?" Ruixiang, the maid, said, "Aunt Qiao went to the study in the afternoon and waited. I heard that when he came back, the master felt her cold and put his cloak on her." Lin Hai-ru sneered, "There is no place to take shelter from the wind in the study. Do you want to wait on the windshield?" Ruixiang said in a low voice, "It's just a little bitch. It's obviously a thin horse bought from Yangzhou. The master said it was a down-and-out official family, but he also became a concubine. Which official family can teach such a shameless lady?" Lin Hairu took an appreciative look at his personal maid and felt that what she said was very reasonable. She paused and said slowly, "I don't want to learn that shameless style. You can stew a pigeon tomorrow afternoon and stew it with ginseng.". I'll send it to his lordship. Ruixiang was about to order, Lin Hairu suddenly called her again, "wait, or stew two, one to Yining sent over, she is convalescing." Ruixiang thought for a moment, then turned to her master and asked, "I've heard that the third young master is also ill. Would you like to make three?" Lin Hai-ru didn't care. "It's just a concubine," he said. "The old lady doesn't care. What do I care about him?" Ruixiang should go to order the kitchen. Early in the morning, Yining was picked up from the hot bed by Xuezhi, then filled with a whole bowl of medicine, and even ate a few sesame candies to suppress the bitter taste. But she saw that Mrs. Luo, who had got up early, was already dressed up and waiting for her to recite Buddhist sutras. The Luo family has the rule of setting the province at dawn and dusk, and later the children and grandchildren will come to pay their respects to Mrs. Luo. Ning sat on the round stool in a daze, waiting for Xuezhi to comb her hair. It was still dark outside, and I heard a few chickens crowing. Everyone will come to pay their respects to the old lady later. You live with the old lady, but you can't be less polite. Xuezhi said to her as she combed her hair. After all, Yining is young now, and it is hard to avoid drowsiness. Wen Yanqiang braced himself and tried to look at himself in the mirror. The birth mother of the little girl in Yining heard that she was famous for both talent and beauty, so the little girl's facial features were very outstanding. At a young age, her skin was pink and snow-white, her cheeks were like steamed buns, her facial features were extremely delicate and pretty,ultrasonic molten metal, and there was a small red mole on her eyebrows, which made Yuxue even more lovely, like a lucky doll.