Favourite Sweetheart: Leopard King Love Slave p

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FavouriteFavourite Sweetheart: Leopard King Love Slave p Sweetheart: Leopard King Love Slave p

The white housekeeper was so angry by her meowing voice that he sighed and patted her on the shoulder. "Go back to your room quickly." "Are you angry?" yuan looked up at her uneasily. What do you think? The white housekeeper did not answer the rhetorical question. yuan rolled down his shoulders and walked to the master bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Yan Che sitting on the bed. Looking at his face, he subconsciously grasped his collar and felt guilty. The two men looked at each other for half a time, and just as yuan was about to speak, he made a sound. New clothes? yuan was stunned, looked down at the pink dress on his body, and nodded. Come here Yan Che held out his hand to her lightly. Che.. yuan Gungun was frightened by his calm expression and retreated, calling his name in a low voice, with the taste of begging for mercy in his tone. I said, come here. Yan Che said word by word, lukewarm tone let yuan roll a tremor, and then cleverly walked to his side. Yan Che held her in his lap and said lightly, "Where did you go to play today?" yuan rolled stiffly and lied subconsciously, "Go shopping with Mommy, and then eat at home. Sorry I came back late." "Just eat at home?" Yan Che gently stroked her clothes, and his tone was extremely indifferent. Yes Yes "yuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stammered." Good, then check it. He put her on the bed, waved her big hand gently,Inflatable indoor park, and her clothes fell on the bed in a pile of rags. yuan opened his eyes wide and was petrified by the scene in front of him, unable to believe that the flying rags were her clothes. Roll around, roll into your house? Chapter 94 yuan's tragic first time! Yan Che looked at the red marks and teeth marks all over her chest and the handprints of different depths on her body, pulled up the corners of her mouth, reached out and stroked her softness, and said in a faint voice,Inflatable bouncer, "It's so intense that you like this tone." yuan rolling around holding his naked body, red eyes, "not like this." "What is that like?"? Did you put these up yourself? Yan looked at her with a puzzled face, seemingly harmless, but let yuan's heart cool, it felt like someone poured a basin of ice water on her head in winter, cold through the heart. I "What to do?"? I want to do it, too. You don't mind, do you? As he spoke, he began to take off his clothes, moving gracefully and with an indifferent expression. …………” yuan kept retreating with tears in his eyes, unable to hide his panic. Why are you crying? Yan Che went to bed and pulled her who wanted to get up and escape. Purr Che. Don't do this, I'm afraid. yuan rolled out his hand to cover his eyes, inflatable air dancer ,large inflatable water slide, and tears kept falling down his face. Are you afraid that my skills are not as good as those of Xi Shengrui? "Yan Che holds her soft, dark purple eyes tightly staring at those who do not belong to their own mark." It hurts yuan rolled and cried in a low voice. By the way, you like intense. How could I forget? "Yan Che gently stroked her face, or that calm tone, calm expression, only that pair of dark purple eyes revealed the real mood." No. "" yuan was crying and shaking his head with a sad expression. Come on, let's be fierce. He picked up his black shirt from under the bed and tied her hands without pity, turning her around and kneeling on the bed. No yuan Gunn shouted in shame and indignation, because his hands were tied up and he could not support himself, so he was forced to lean forward and his buttocks were high up. He coldly pulled the corners of his mouth, grabbed her long hair and pulled it back so hard that she had to turn her head to face him. Ah yuan rolled her brows and cried, and the intense pain of her scalp being pulled made her speechless. He kissed her on the lips and bit her tongue and lips roughly. Purr "" yuan was crying helplessly, trying to dodge, but he clasped his chin tightly. She bit her lips hard, and just as the smell of blood spread, she let go of her face, clasped her white circle, and stepped forward without any foreplay into the secret zone that no one had ever entered. "Ah.." yuan rolled his eyes wide, and the pain of being torn spread all over her body in an instant, making her tremble like a fallen leaf in the wind, and the corners of her mouth flowed with blood after being bitten by him. "Kui Yan was stupefied and stopped where he was." Purr Kui Yan Che. I hate you. yuan said with a trembling voice. Yan Che raised the sword eyebrow, clasped her buttocks and began to move rhythmically. Even a virgin could not erase the origin of those traces on her body. Even a virgin could not offset her punishment for cheating him. Ah Um. Purr Nope yuan buried his face in the pillow and cried with pain and shame. Yan Che hit her buttocks more and more forcefully, from the beginning of the punishment to the end turned out to be out of control. Ah Purr Ah No yuan was so painful that he burst into tears and wished he could faint. The room immediately spread the woman's sad cry, but also mixed with the kind of ambiguous Shen Yin. Do not know how long, Yan Che speed up, so that their seeds deeply buried in her body, looked at her sweaty long hair and bare back, a slight pull, out of her body, but also brought out a white turbidity and light blood. yuan rolled suddenly collapsed on the bed, if he had not been clasping her buttocks, she would have been lying down, it is impossible to persist for so long. She gently parted her legs, frowned at the sight of the unusually red and bloodstained secret garden, quickly got up and dressed to cover her naked body with a quilt, picked up the bedside phone, dialed a number, and soon got through. Find the best female gynecologist, now. Kui Yan said lightly. Eh? Oh, yes,inflatable amusement park, master. Yas was stupefied and then came to his senses. He hung up the phone and looked at yuan, who had fallen asleep with tears in his eyes and blood on his mouth. He reached out to untie the shirt tied to her hand. His red, swollen and broken wrist was a little shocking. He opened the drawer and took out a small box. He opened it and gently helped her with the medicine.