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Busy reporting to Pengley headquarters and requesting support, busy contacting and exchanging information

Busy reporting to Pengley headquarters and requesting support, busy contacting and exchanging information with the underground base in Bingsheng, busy issuing orders to inform subordinates to coordinate all aspects of personnel to strengthen the defense of Walia headquarters, busy assigning combat tasks and preparing beef for dinner for an old man, busy treating the wounded and acting as a temporary psychologist; And busy with Tucao, busy with quarreling, busy with persuading, busy watching the play, busy adding fuel to the fire. Until the base's alarm system suddenly sounded, communications and power supply were also unstable, and before anyone could take any measures to deal with it, explosions were heard almost simultaneously from all directions outside the headquarters. Cut. Are you under siege? From the emergency surveillance footage, everyone saw several familiar faces attacking the defense system and garrison personnel outside the entrances of the Walia headquarters, which was built like a fortress-Platycodon grandiflorum, Daisy, pomegranate, Lily of the valley,phycocyanin spirulina, wolfsbane, and all the fighting forces of Milufiore except Prynne and Rose. The landing points of the attack were all the weaknesses of the defense system and the deployment of troops, and the intelligence on Milufiore's side was too accurate and detailed. Has our base information been leaked? After watching the surveillance video for a while, Lucilia spoke with some shock, forgetting to use the usual disgusting tone and wording. Tut, what the hell kind of parallel world is this? Scuvaro frowned unhappily. "The defense system won't last long if it goes on like this!" Cut! Prepare to strike! Rubbish! The prince is not rubbish. But the prince liked the shark's order. Hee Hee Hee ~ "Shine a bright row of throwing knives and the same shining white teeth." Captain Long Hair,lycopene for skin, you have been corrupted by BOSS. And Me is determined not to be in the same group with the idiot Prince predecessor this time. He calmly held the huge frog hat and complained without expression. Got it, Scuvaro battle captain. "Twisting his little finger back and forth happily." Only BOSS is qualified to give the order of full attack. He muttered reluctantly, but pulled out the electric umbrella behind him. Hello Which ear did you hear Lao Tzu's order of'all troops attack '?!! Waving his sword with great momentum, he turned his head and shouted upstairs, "Bastard Sass!"! Don't play dead! Get out of here right now!!! "Hey, hey, this is coming." Don't scream like a ghost, S. The silver-haired teenager who summoned the beast appeared, and by the way, the BOSS who abducted Walia appeared together. It's so noisy, Rubbish! Come on, I'm afraid it's hard not to turn into an all-out attack. I'll take care of that pomegranate guy. Since he is so straightforward that he can't wait to fight with me, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,jujube seed powder, it's better to fulfill his wish and die at my hands without humiliating his identity. As for the rest, you can distribute it by yourself, and don't underestimate them too much. Glancing at the shaking image on the monitor screen, the silver-haired teenager raised his eyebrows and smiled, with an indescribable evil arrogance in his gentleness. Ah! Right! In any case, please try not to go against Prynne or the other me. This. Can. Is. Told. Oh ~ then, the rest please yo, dear BOSS. The next second, the golden fire of anger streaked across the room, penetrating the shadow that had not completely dissipated after teleportation and bombarding the monitor screen behind it. With the collapsed wall, the smashed screen and the dust raised as the background, Walia's BOSS put away the fire in his hands with an extremely uncomfortable expression on his face, "Hum, it's just garbage.." How dare you order me around?! "Hey, hey, don't be so eager to destroy the facilities of the headquarters, you bastard. BOSS!!!". " Scuvaro, who was almost hurt by the fish in the pond, stared angrily, and then was mercilessly suppressed by the second angry fire. Witnessing the tragic experience of the silver-haired swordsman, the rest of Walia could not help but tremble, winking at each other to express their firm will that they would never touch the bad luck of the angry BOSS at this moment. But in fact, their hearts are also surprised that the silver-haired teenager's strong speech and performance, which can not be rejected by others, is quite different from Salfis's usual low-key style in the past. It was like, all of a sudden, a new person. ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ "Yo!"! How are you, dear Mr. Pomegranate? Outside Walia's headquarters, the silver-haired teenager, who emerged from the transparent air, flashed sideways through the oncoming red fire and raised a hand to greet him with a smile. Alas, isn't this another'Lord Rose '? Seeing the other side's face clearly, the pomegranate stopped attacking, touched his chin with one hand and smiled wickedly. "It's really hard for you to use" space transfer "to come here specially to die. Stupid, it seems that God really favors me." "Oh.." Pomegranate, you are as humorous as ever. Instead of being shaken by such a superficial provocation, the silver-haired boy could not help laughing in a low voice as if he had heard some funny joke. "This sentence should be said by me." "It's really hard for you to come all the way to Walia to die.". In order not to waste your sincere heart and my precious time, please let me solve it happily. Obscene strange millet pomegranate uncle. “……!!!” By this completely unexpected words mercilessly choked, immediately breath did not come up almost choked,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, but only to be stunned, even angry can not care, "you!"! How did you.. Will know this.. This 。