Silly spring

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Even now, he still can't figure it out. He is a man with strong instinct. Human instinct is to seek advantages

Even now, he still can't figure it out. He is a man with strong instinct. Human instinct is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. When danger comes, how can he be so stupid to push Xu Zaichun away. Instinct. Later, he figured it out. Yes, protecting Xu Zaichun has become an instinct. No matter how unwilling he is, his body has already made those reactions before his brain. Anyway, you brought her back safely. Zhang Yao smiled and did not answer. In fact, it was Xu Zaichun's good luck that he just held her hand and did not lose her. At the end of the year, Xu Laohu discussed with him about this year's New Year. Don't go back there in case Wangwang fights again. Zhang Yao did not want to go back to the Zhang family at all, but he used to spend the New Year with his grandmother, and this year he was probably a little surprised. After pinching the beer can, Zhang Yao thought about it and then said, "This year, I want to take her back for the Spring Festival." "Go back?" Tiger Xu looked a little strange. "Are you still going back to Zhang's house?" Zhang Yao shook his head, "no." Now and Xu Laohu explained not clearly, Zhang Yao only lightly came to a sentence. I took her back to meet the parents. A real parent. Seeing Zhang Yao like that, Tiger Xu finished the last mouthful of wine in the jar, did not speak, just nodded,Automatic nail machine, and by the way, he was not at ease to explain. Don't fight. "Mmm." Zhang Yaoxiao, go home for the Spring Festival, to be happy, why do you want to fight. As Xu Laohu said, youth is capital. Under the careful care of Xu Zaichun and Aunt Cai, Zhang Yao recovered quickly,High Speed Nail Making Machine, but he was not the only change in the family. Potatoes have also changed. Became fatter. Last time, Aunt Cai took him to check, and the result was fatty liver. It was the first time that Zhang Yao knew that dogs could also get this disease. However, before he could remember lamenting that dogs were more precious than people, potatoes had already begun his painful career. Every morning, Aunt Cai was forced to take potatoes for a walk. Zhang Yao was also drunk. For the first time, he met a dog who didn't like walking. But these are no longer important, the important thing is that the year is approaching, he is thinking about how to take Xu Zaichun out. Because, technically, this is the first time they've gone back to see their parents. Zhang Yao thought hard, but Xu Zaichun did not find his sadness at all. Xu Zaichun's hands finally returned to their former white and tender, but she was still not idle. That day, Nail machine supplier ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, she bought a large ball of wool and pulled Zhang Yao to make a gesture. Looking at her drawing on the bear book, Zhang Yao had reason to believe that Xu Zaichun was going to knit a sweater for him, but the size seemed a little small, was it a scarf? Zhang Yao didn't mean to eavesdrop. He just heard Xu Zaichun and Aunt Cai talking about New Year's gifts. He was a little absent-minded staring at the TV screen, which was playing a touching love blockbuster, and the heroine braved the flying snow to send the man a scarf made by herself. Well, I don't know which poor crew, the scarf is ugly, or bright red. Wait Xu Zaichun seems to use bright red wool, too. Zhang Yao actually doesn't like that color very much, and he thinks it's a little feminine. Xu Zaichun is so white that he is suitable for bright red. He doesn't seem to like it. He still likes dark gray. Zhang Yao's head diverged infinitely, and finally he thought of another key question. Xu Zaichun doesn't give him a scarf or a sweater now. Is he going to give him a surprise? He thought, do you want to give Xu Zaichun a surprise. But what does Xu Zaichun like? The author has something to say: because the author has gained six pounds. So I decided to exercise in the evening. The update time is estimated to be delayed until 8 o'clock. The heart is tired and does not love. Wangwang calls for flowers and collections with big breasts. 、020 020 What does Xu Zaichun like? Zhang Yao suddenly thought, there is no suspense, Xu Zaichun does not like to eat? Give her a bunch of lollipops? You'd better tie yourself up into a lollipop and give it to her. Hey, hey. Thinking about it, I'm still a little shy. However, Zhang Yao finally hesitated when he went to the supermarket. For no other reason, I always feel that this gift is a little light. In fact, there is another reason, Xu Zaichun eat too much sugar, he is afraid of her tooth decay. After thinking about it, Zhang Yao gave up the decision to buy a lot of sugar. Wandering in the street with nothing to do, he suddenly saw some New Year's billboards. Suddenly, he saw a billboard, which was originally an advertisement for chocolate. There was a pair of rings on the beautiful chocolate, but the heroine did not see it, only saw the chocolate. The slogan of the advertisement is "XX chocolate, for you who love it most." Of course, Zhang Yao did not send Xu Zaichun chocolate. He saw the diamond ring. A woman who abandons a diamond ring and chooses chocolate is simply a snake spirit disease. Zhang Yao once heard Gu Xiyang say that there is no woman in the world who does not love diamond rings. He thought that the little fool, with his bare fingers, would be very beautiful with a ring. Zhang Yao is a straight man, straight man's aesthetic. How interesting. But he also wanted to give Xu Zaichun a little surprise occasionally, so although he didn't know what kind of ring to choose, the big diamond was always right. However, Zhang Yao is not tall, rich and handsome. He is actually a poor loser. Some time ago, I made a lot of money with Gu Xiyang, but it was far from being rich. Diamonds are shiny, beautiful, and expensive. Zhang Yao looked at the balance on the card, thought about it, and swiped the card. The lady who bought the ring smiled and curled her eyes. About the last single before the New Year was the fat sheep in front of her. Out of respect for the fat sheep,wire nail machine manufacturers, the young lady who sold the ring also took the initiative to send Zhang Yao a big bear one person tall. Zhang Yao felt very humiliated. A big man was holding such a big bear and was about to throw it away, but he thought of Xu Zaichun. She had a very ugly and old big bear. Even the big bear occupied an important position in their big bed. Her apron was a bear, and even the small book was a bear. Zhang Yao came to the conclusion that Xu Zaichun should like bears.